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  • Shinjuku Nishiguchi Acupuncture
    End the pain and stiffness from shoulders, lower back and neck.
    We have 17 year experience and have treated 80,000 people!
  • At Shinjuku Nishiguchi Acupuncture,
    Moxibustion & Massage Clinic,
    we offer treatments to remove the true cause of your stiffness and pain,
    using our own original method, called “Slide Massage”.

Welcome To Shinjuku Nishiguchi Acupuncture

End the pain and stiffness from shoulders, lower back and neck. We have 17 year experience and have treated 80,000 people!

At Shinjuku Nishiguchi Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Massage Clinic, we offer treatments to remove the true cause of your stiffness and pain, using our own original method, called “Slide Massage”.

What makes us different from other clinics

  • We use our original method called “Slide Massage”
  • We remove the true cause of stiffness that lies in the fascia coating and remove adhesion in the periosteum tissue.
  • We remove severe stiffness in shoulders and neck, and lower backache that cannot be treated ‘ general massage or chiropractic
  • We make sure that the pain will not come back soon after the treatment
  • We offer exercises customized for your condition

What is causing a lower backache?

Generally the pain and numbness on the lower back are caused ‘ skeletal distortions, ‘ long lasting fatigue or tensions in muscle. However, many cases of lower backaches cannot be treated simply ‘ loosening the tensions in muscle or ‘ correcting the skeletal distortion. From many years of experience, I have concluded that the true causes of lower backache are:

  1. Diet that includes chemical substances
  2. Excessive stress
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Poor circulation

In my opinion, these elements, listed above, cause inflammation in an organ and hence adhesion, resulting in stiffness in the organ. The stiffened organ draws down inside the body and puts pressure on the blood vessels and muscles in the pelvis. The muscles in the pelvis are called ‘inner muscles’, and they support the whole body. When these muscles lose a good blood circulation, they get stiff and cause a lower backache. I would say this is a new type of lower backache that many people suffer from today. This new type of lower backache comes from a stiffened muscle, rather than the problem in the back itself. So simply ‘ softening the stiffened muscle, even a long lasting stubborn pain in the back will disappear. In my impression, 90% of my patients who suffer from severe lower backache seem to have pain caused ‘ stiffened organs. We see these cases in our clinic every day. If you have a problem of pain coming back again and again, you may have the stiffness in your body. Please come to our clinic for a consultation.

Our Doctor


Yasuhisa Masuda

Born on 13th July, 1977
2009 Graduated from Toyo Shinkyu College of Oriental Medicine
Acquired a national qualification as a practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion
Worked at a sports gym as an acupuncturist trainer
2012 Started working at Shinjuku Nishiguchi Treatment Clinic
My training techniques come from my practical experiences and I aim to balance patients’ body and mind with treatment and exercise.
My easy exercise programme promises to ease your shoulder stiffness. I love nature and I pursue my career as a therapist with the aid of natural power.


Kentaro Yamamoto

Born on 4th May, 1977
2007 Graduated from Toyo Shinkyu College of Oriental Medicine
Worked at a general hospital
2010 Graduated from Toyo Shinkyu College of Oriental Medicine
Acquired a national qualification as a practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion
2010 Started working at Shinjuku Nishiguchi Treatment Clinic
I decided to become a therapist as I realized the importance of body care when I was in a baseball team. I learnt techniques through many training sessions and I studied movements and body usage while watching sports and games. I am good at treating pregnant women and gynopathy, and good at comedy!


Director: Keiji Miyamoto

1999 Graduated from The Japan School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Physiotherapy Acquired a national qualification as a practitioner in acupuncture, moxibustion, and massage Worked at Shibuya Chiropractic Center
2000 Worked Nishishinjuku Treatment Center
2003 Opened Shinjuku Nishiguchi Treatment Clinic
I came up with the new approach towards the cause of stiffness – ‘adhesion of membrane that covers muscles’, after studying many diseases caused ‘ skeletal distortions. I still keep studying in order to develop this approach and come up with an original theory and method that will be able to treat various diseases and undefined complaints. ‘My passion for treatment is unbeatable!’

11 facts about our treatment

Here are what makes us stand out among all the acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic, or massage clinics. Our approach is focusing on the true cause of the pain and customize treatment for each patient.


1 Our original method, “Slide Massage”

We looked through numerous cases of treatments and came up with our own theories of how to realize the best possible treatment ? that’s how we created our “Slide Massage”. Causes of a stiffness are fatigue, strain, skeletal distortion due to bad posture, stress and degradation of internal organs. To remove stiffness for good, first thing we have to find out is which of these is causing your stiffness before starting the treatment. The stiffness does not mean that a muscle is stiffened as a whole. Muscles are like fibers and each muscle fiber is covered with a membrane called fascia. When a muscle is inflamed, the surface of the fascia becomes sticky and they get tangled in each other and create ball like shapes. The muscle movements get disturbed ‘ these ‘balls’ and you feel stiffness. In order to make the muscle movements smooth, the stuck fascia should be separated, or loosened ‘ a neuroreflex. You will feel the improvement in the flexibility of your muscle.


2 You can feel clear effect and changes in your body

You will see differences in your body before and after a treatment session. You will also recognize that persistent stiffness disappears straight away and that body movements become smoother. Our treatment’s result is very clear to see and feel. Some patients may not feel the improvements immediately depending on their condition, however they will still become aware of the changes before the treatment ends. We are committed to offer a treatment which you can be satisfied with.


3 The more treatment you get the better the result.

Some people may be aware that the pain returned only a few days after having been treated at a massage clinic or a chiropractic clinic. If that happens, it is a waste of time and money. Maybe the treatment they received could not deal with the true cause of the pain. Our treatments show cumulative effects and the pain will not come back soon after these treatments.


4 Customized treatment and a diversified approach

There is not a single cause of pain, stiffness and distortion. Modern human suffers from pain which is derived from such causes as accumulated residual chemical substances inside the body due to stress and diet, deterioration of the internal organs or loss of muscle tone due to a lack of exercise. The conditions that derive from these complicated causes cannot be treated ‘ a single approach or treatment -such as acupuncture, chiropractic, or massage. We decide on a treatment plan with a discussion between a patient and our therapist. We choose the best possible treatment ‘ combining different types of treatment. In this way the patient gets the benefit from the alternative medicine.


5 Customized exercise program

We do not think only about our treatment time. We do care about the patient’s everyday life as well, including his/her sleep, diet and breathing. Therefore, we propose customized exercise program for all patients after assessing the condition and it usually consists of daily exercise, useful health tips and breathing techniques. The program will be introduced to the patients step ‘ step so that it is in line with the condition of the given time. Home exercises are designed to maximize the treatments effect. Once your condition is stabilized, we suggest you get a treatment once every one or two months to keep in good shape, while you continue with the exercises and stay fit.


6 Early morning sessions available

We start treatment at 7 in the morning, for those who are busy and unable to find time to get an acupuncture treatment. Why don’t you have a treatment before going to work? Many people already have seen the benefit of this early morning treatment, and you could even avoid the morning rush hour! We are also open every other Sundays! Please check our schedule ‘ e-mail.


7 Improving blood circulation and detox

‘In order to fill a glass that is already full with fresh water, you will have to empty the glass first.’ -This can be said of a human body. In order to change your body for the better, detoxing your body is important rather than taking in more nutrition. Even a very skilled treatment would not work when the body is filled with waste and toxins. We start a treatment with a warm footbath for better blood circulation and it also stimulates the effective points that work for detox. ‘ doing this, we can get the maximum effect of the acupuncture treatment.


8 Breathing technique that helps you correct your posture dramatically

Have you been told ‘your bad posture is causing shoulder stiffness and lower backache’ or ” training abdominal and back muscle, your lower backache will be better’? But even after trying these methods, has the pain ever eased? The key to correcting posture is the muscle called ‘major psoas muscle’, which lies deep inside the body. It is very difficult to train this muscle unless you are a professional dancer or a yoga expert. However you can still train these muscles if you learn a certain breathing technique. With correct breathing and with the aid of a device which we developed, your posture will improve dramatically.


9 Approaching the stress ‘ adjusting the skull and face

From way back, people have been saying that stress causes disease. Modern people often go on holidays, shopping and eating out in order to reduce stress, and some people go and get a counseling. People who are stressed tend to have a stiffness in the face, which often causes a distortion of the skull and makes the skeletal movements bad. ‘ removing the stiffness in the face, the stress can be also removed.


10 Stretch unused joints and improve flexibility

It is believed that stretching exercises make joints flexible, but there is a trick. Think about the movement of lifting a leg. This movement involves the ankle, the knee, the hip joint, a sacroiliac articulation and a lumber. However the level of flexibility of each part of the body is not necessarily the same for everyone. For instance, someone may have a flexible hip joint and an inflexible lumber, and another person has a flexible knee and an inflexible ankle. The unused part is the stiffened part, and that part usually never gets stretched and therefore remains stiffened for many years. At our clinic, we check patient’s joint flexibility ‘ seeing its distortion level, pressing, and so on. Then we give our own chiropractic treatment in order to improve the movements of ‘unused’ joints. With this treatment, the patient will find the movement easier and more comfortable. Patients will also benefit from avoiding future injury and pain. Improving the overall flexibility through our treatment is greatly appreciated ‘ professional dancers, too.


11 Cosmetic changes ‘ removing the stiffness in the face

It may surprise you that a face can have stiffness – but it does, indeed! If you pinch your cheek, you will feel the stiffened point which feels exactly like the stiffness on the shoulder. If you stretch the skin of your cheek or around your eye, and compare that with a ba”s skin, you will see a complete difference in how much it can stretch. The stiffness in the face is related to stress. Our slide massage can improve the lymph and blood circulation ‘ removing the stiffness. Accordingly the movements of the muscles of facial expression improve. As a result the face is lifted and wrinkles fade, especially the wrinkles around the mouth and on the forehead.

Amazing acupuncture and moxibustion! – FAQ

Do you want to know more about acupuncture and moxibustion treatments? Here, we are going to answer frequently asked questions about how the actual treatments are done in our clinic.

Q: What does an acupuncture needle look like?

A: This is a needle. You can see the size of the needle, comparing with a nail on the left and a very thin sawing needle on the right. The common needle we use is 0.018 mm in diameter, which is almost the same size as a human hair (0.007-0.01 mm). We use disposable needles for hygiene purposes.

Q: Can I see how you insert a needle?


A: This picture shows a needle is being inserted in the back of a patient. The needle is very thin. The sensation you would feel when a needle is inserted is hardly noticeable, but you might feel a slightly heavy sensation inside the body, and also a comfortable feeling at the same time. The sensation feels heavier when the needle hits a point where conditions are bad, however gradually the sensation will disappear. Sometimes you may feel a prickling sensation but don’t worry. If you feel the pain is too great, feel free to tell your therapist.

Q: Why are acupuncture and moxibustion effective?


A: When a needle reaches the effective point, a neuro reflex or axonal reflex occurs, and that loosens muscular strain and improves circulation of blood and lymph fluids. As a result, the immune system, hormone and automatic nervous system become refreshed, followed by the boosting of the natural healing power. A number of research projects have been done, but a real answer to this question is still to be discovered. An acupuncture treatment has a great effect on pain and the notes below explain how acupuncture works.
*Excerpts from a report of the Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association
1. Gate control – A needle stimulation reduces the pain in the spinal cord
2. Endorphin – A needle stimulation releases morphine-like analgesic substance and reduces the pain
3. Peripheral nerve blocking effect – A needle stimulation blocks the pain in peripheral nerves.
4. A needle stimulation brings up the level of pain threshold
5. Improvement of blood circulation – muscular strain gets loosened and blood circulation improves

There is another theory of how acupuncture works for pain and that is based on Oriental medicine. Oriental medicine believes that Chi/Qi – a kind of energy – flows through a body and this Chi/Qi is sustaining the body. The energy of Chi/Qi maintains the balance of yin and yang (- and +), but when the balance is lost, then a variety of pain and diseases arise. Originally, acupuncture and moxibustion treatments aim to heal a disease by rebalancing the energy of Chi/Qi.

Q: What’s the difference between Japanese and Chinese acupuncture needles?

imageEach needles is in a disposable package.

imageNeedles without the package. A Japanese acupuncture needle is inserted with a guiding tube.

A: Basically, Chinese acupuncture needles are thicker than the Japanese ones. A thicker needle is easier to hit an effective point because of its thickness, but it would give a patient more pain however it does not always mean it’s more effective. Japanese acupuncture needles are very thin and give you a very little pain, but its effectiveness is still great. For those who are sensitive to pain, Japanese acupuncture needles would be more suitable. However, both the Japanese and Chinese acupuncture have the same purpose, which is to regulate the Chi/Qi flow, brings back the natural healing power and ultimately remove pain and diseases by the needle stimulation.

Q: How do you insert a needle?

imageThe red is the guiding tube. A needle is put into the tube.

imageBecause the needle is slightly longer than the tube, the tip of the needle comes out.

imageTap the tip of the needle lightly and insert the needle a few mm deep. This should be almost painless.

imageRemove the tube. Gradually insert the needle deeper to the effective point. At this point, you may feel a heavy sensation.

imageOn the other hand, Chinese acupuncture do not use a guiding tube. They simply insert a needle.

imageThis is a ‘moxa needle’ ; The moxa is put on the head of a needle. This warms the area around the insert and its stimulation and warmth are very beneficial and relaxing.

A: A needle is put in the tube called the guiding tube, shown in the picture above and the needle is inserted with the guiding tube.

Q: How is the moxibustion treatment done?

imageThese colorful terminals become warm and less warm every 15 seconds. They do not cause burning or leave any marks on the skin.

imageThe moxibustion device is placed on a patient’s back.

A: We use an electronic moxibustion device, which does not give out smoke and does not leave marks on the skin. Many patients become relaxed and sometimes fall asleep with its warmth.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Email.

Notes for before and after a treatment

Before a treatment


You should eat at least one hour before a treatment. This is because we check the conditions of internal organs by touching your abdomen.


You do not have to worry about what to wear for a treatment, we will provide the treatment clothes which will cover your whole body. But we will have to ask you to take off your bra so that we can check for the distortion of the spine.

imageAn example of treatment clothes.

After treatments


Please do not have a meal for at least one hour after a treatment. This is because food intake right after a treatment may affect your body.


Please avoid drinking alcohol on the day of treatment. Alcohol may affect the decomposing process of toxin and fatigue materials. These materials are detoxicated in the liver and filtered in the kidneys and then passed out from the body. When there is an intake of alcohol, the body will try to decompose the alcohol rather than these materials. The toxin �eacetaldehyde�f in alcohol is more poisonous than these materials.


Please try to go to bed early on the day of treatment, preferably before 11 pm. This makes a huge difference to the result.

Treatment fees

Treatment courses.

Initial counseling fee (the first visit only)

1,500 yen (

Stiffness and pain removal course (Our signature treatment)

6,800 yen (

Director’s treatment course

10,800 yen (

Maternity course

6,800 yen (
Optional treatment

Chishin treatment and Taping

200 – 400 yen (

Inner sole

300 yen / sheet (

Rubber tube for training

Size M 2,200 yen (

Size L 4,400 yen (

Moxa stick

300 yen / stick (

Treatments are available by appointment only.
Please make an appointment by phone or Email prior to your visit.
Please let us know if you would like to cancel your appointment.
Download an information card here
By filling in the information card in advance we can save your time before a treatment.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation without notice: 100%
Cancellation 1 hour before appointment: 100%
Cancellation 3 hour before appointment: 50%
Cancellation 5 hour before appointment: 20%


Dr. Akira Sata

     ‘I have been having lower backache for 20 years, since I injured my lower back when I was a student, playing sports. For most of my work hours at the outpatient clinic in the hospital I am sitting down. I get a strained back as my fatigue accumulates, and that is annoying because my patients are waiting for me and I cannot have a day off. I get myself prescriptions for my strained back in the hospital, but sometimes I cannot even walk. One day when I had a strained back while I was pregnant, I went to this clinic and met Mr. Miyamoto for the first time. There are not many clinics where pregnant women can get treated. I checked on the internet and Shinjuku Nishiguchi Clinic seemed to have a good reputation so I decided to go. I was desperate. I was astonished because after only one treatment my condition improved and that was beyond my expectation. Since then, every time I get a back strain, I go and get treated by Mr. Miyamoto. I arrive at the clinic by a taxi supported by my family, but I leave the clinic walking by myself. It’s like a magic. I know that I have to take good care of my body to avoid having any more strained back, but as a doctor, I often neglect my own health. Now when my back starts feeling bad, Mr. Miyamoto’s face comes to my mind. These days I go and get treated as soon as there is a sign of a strained back, before it gets worse. Thank you very much, Mr. Miyamoto!

M Anderson (Age 29)

     Miyamoto-Sensei is a specialist of Japanese-style acupuncture and “Seitai” (chiropractic), a special skill focused on balancing the body’ s muscles and organs to heal a plethora of common problems unable to be properly dealt with by western medicine. With a few targeted pushes and squeezes along your arms, legs, back, and stomach, he can understand where your problem lies – an unbalanced hip straining your shoulder, a muscle pulling too hard on a leg causing headaches, or too much waste residing in a muscle making everything in the area tight and unstretchable – amongst many other issues involving everything from a bad digestive system to painful cramps. He then quickly does a few stretches and pulls of the body to remedy everything in sometimes just one visit. He will teach you specific exercises tailored to your problems and body quirks to upkeep the harmony in your body, not only keeping your problems at bay but also increasing your energy, empowering your immune system, and getting rid of pains and aches at the source, not just hiding it with medicine. Even if just visiting Japan for vacation, Miyamoto-Sensei’s clinic at Shinjuku is definitely worth the visit!

If you cannot find us, please call.

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